JT Video Premiere: “Dressed in a Song” by JD Walter. The vocalist and songwriter debuts a tune written for his mother, featuring Taylor Eigsti on piano WATCH EXCLUSIVE VIDEO ON JAZZTIMES

All About Jazz

"It is more like a masterwork, a culmination of everything Walter has done before, condensing it and bringing it up to the level of an art form. His voice is better than ever” - Victor L. Schermer - All about Jazz Read More

JazzQuad Russia

JD simply puts his thoughts, his feelings, his memories and his love of jazz in a song form, expressing it in a form that suits him - and is noticeably different from the manner of performance of many, many jazz vocalists - especially in this album. Read More

JAZZ Weekly

The golden voice of males with a microphone… Tenor vocalist JD Walter mixes piano arias with Jean-Michel Pilc, Julius Rodriguez, Orrin Evans, Taylor Eigsti, Marc Cary and Jim Ridl alon with support by some cameo guests on this intimate, personal and heartfelt release. Read More


"SAY IT AIN'T SO" Live in Serbia


Step Tempest

There is so much to absorb with Walter's wide-ranging voice, quite emotional but never over-the-top... Beauty in so many forms sounds so good, please listen to these songs.

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Musical Memoirs Blog

Once you hear JD Walter, you will recognize his voice when you hear him again. He’s smooth as a reed instrument, holding the notes beautifully with elongated phrasing

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La Habitacion del Jazz

Making A Scene

This is a comeback for jazz vocalist JD Walter, the unexpected kind. With a reputation for being somewhat eccentric, adventurous, and the so-called “progressive electronic vocalist,” ...

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